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Advanced Cat Enclosures built their first Cat Enclosure fourteen years ago when they began to realize that a happy cat is not necessarily a roaming cat.

"Being feline lovers ourselves, we soon realized that as long as their needs are met, they can and do enjoy longer and healthier lives when safely contained to your property. The days of wondering where our much loved companion was, and whether it had been be hit by a car, injured in a fight, or had just become lost were over.

"The peace of mind it provides you to know where they are and that they are safe is priceless. These days, feline confinement is also often becoming a legal requirement with an increasing number of councils, especially during the nighttime hours.

"This is also the most common time for your feline to be injured or hurt, and also often leads to neighbourhood disputes about cat nuisance issues."

So we are now making our specially designed and manufactured cat netting available for purchase.

Just some of our beautiful cat enclosures

To view images of these beautiful cat enclosures click on the image
Bounty's Townhouse
Hudsons Retreat
The Magical Kingdom
Ragdolls Burmilla Boy's Abode
Phoebe's Taj Mahal Tigger by the Bay











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